If you have any problems or questions logging in, please follow our instructions here: UCSF Duo two-factor authentication. If you do not already use Duo with your APeX account, Duo will prompt you to enroll; follow the onscreen instructions. ALL access to Connect Portal, ON or OFF the UCSF network (including VPN) requires Duo.

To sign up for APeX Training classes, click APeX Training Plan Finder. To see upcoming APeX training classes, click UCSF Upcoming APeX Training classes.

MacOS users: The APeX Connect Portal is officially supported on macOS ***Big Sur (11.x), ***Monterey (12.x) and ***Ventura (13.x) when used with the correct versions of Citrix Workspace for Mac. UCSF no longer supports macOS Catalina(10.15.x).

***If you are using macOS Big Sur (11.x), Monterey (12.x), or Ventura (13.x), you will need to download and install the Citrix Workspace App version 2304. Do NOT install version 2305 (released May 29, 2023).

Important for Mac Users: If prompted during Citrix installation, make sure the Add Account option is NOT checked. If Citrix Workspace opens a window asking for a Store URL or your email address, just ignore and close that window.

For password changes, please visit password.ucsf.edu.

You have accessed a private system which is intended for use by UCSF Medical Center authorized personnel only. Unauthorized attempts to access or unauthorized access are prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.

UCSF Medical Center may monitor and audit the usage of this system. All persons are hereby notified that use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring and auditing.

Updated June 2023